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Responses to Official Information Requests - August 2021

Issue date: 
Tuesday, 15 February 2022
Issue status: 
Version note: 

Some parts of the documents in this information release would not be appropriate to release and, if requested, would be withheld under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act). Where this is the case, the relevant sections of the Act that would apply have been identified. Where information has been withheld, no public interest has been identified that would outweigh the reasons for withholding it.

Responses were sent to requestor on the dates listed in the table below.

Accessible versions of this material are available on request from DPMC.

The following is a list of Official Information Request responses released by the DPMC during the month of August 2021.

Date Sent OIA Reference Title
2 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0645 Request relating to Cyber Security Strategy, Annual reports (PDF, 2.07 MB)
2 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0745

Request relating to updates made to the COVID-19 Rollout Groups webpage (PDF, 1.64 MB)

2 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0748

Request relating to Cyber Security in Schools (PDF, 234 KB)

3 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0749

Request relating to NZ Approach to Cyber Ransoms and Strengthening NZs Resilience to Mis/Disinformation (PDF, 17.35 MB)

9 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0764

Request relating to They Are Us (PDF, 300 KB)

11 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0674

Request relating to Ka Kite COVID Vaccine Advert (PDF, 9.59 KB)

11 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0767

Request relating to four Security and Intelligence Board Sub-Committees (PDF, 352.42 KB)

12 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0023

Request relating to social media policy (PDF, 4.35 MB)

17 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0041

Request relating to specified book (PDF, 359 KB)

17 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0721

Request relating to He Whenua Taurikura (PDF, 576.55 KB)

18 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0037

Request relating to Survey feedback from He Whenua Taurikura (PDF, 1.06 MB)

18 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0702

Request relating to Speakers at He Whenua Taurikura (PDF, 2.19 MB)

18 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0753

Request relating to Counter-Terrorism system capability review (PDF, 4.65 MB)

25 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0013

Request relating to decision on speakers at Counter-Terrorism Hui (PDF, 1.79 MB)

25 Aug 2021 OIA-2020/21-0088

Request relating to All Staff in tier 1 & 2 Positions (PDF, 419 KB)

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

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