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How the Policy Project can help you

Government agency policy practitioners – at all levels of seniority – will find a wealth of Policy Project frameworks, tools and information on this website, that help you develop quality policy advice.

The Policy Project is available to work with individual policy teams and the overall policy functions in New Zealand government agencies – to support them in strengthening their policy performance. We are available to support you by:

  • Facilitating workshops – for example, to assess current policy capability, prioritise areas for improvement, and develop realistic action plans
  • Peer reviewing action plans
  • Leading sessions on applying our policy improvement frameworks (on Policy Quality, Policy Skills and organisational Policy Capability)
  • Running skill building sessions on other priority topics, such as commissioning policy advice, policy project initiation (Start Right), and risk analysis.

We are happy to tailor our support to what works for your policy team, wherever you are at on your journey to being (or remaining) high performing. You can contact us at

You can check out our latest newsletter here.

We can also help you connect with the policy community to share your experiences and knowledge.

Be inspired

Be inspired by the world's leading experts on policy development methods

Be guided

Be guided by our tools and frameworks on how to deliver quality policy advice

Be connected

Be connected to the policy community and share experiences and knowledge

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Monday, 18 April 2022

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