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Make a nomination for a New Zealand honour

Composite of the full size insignia of the five levels of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Who can nominate someone for an honour

Anyone can nominate someone for an honour.

Nominate someone for a New Zealand honour

Read the nomination guidelines and complete an honours nomination form.

If you nominate someone for an honour

The Honours Unit will review your nomination. You will receive a letter formally acknowledging your nomination, and informing you of the list for which your nominee will be considered.

The Honours Unit will not enter into any further correspondence on your nomination. New Zealand Royal Honours Lists are published at New Year and on The Queen’s Birthday in June. You will need to check the appropriate honours list at the time of its announcement, in the national newspapers and on the DPMC website, to see if your nomination has been successful.

What happens if my nominee receives an honour

The Governor-General, on behalf of the Queen, holds investiture ceremonies for the people named in the New Year and The Queen's Birthday Honours Lists and in Special Honours Lists.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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