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National Security Group (NSG)


The National Security Group provides leadership, advice, support and coordination of the Government’s national security priorities and risks.

The National Security Group provides leadership across New Zealand’s ‘all hazards – all risks’ national security community to strengthen national resilience, develop situational understanding, and improve coordination and collaboration on nationally significant issues.

We lead, coordinate and support a risk-based national security system that delivers a secure and resilient New Zealand.

Seven key objectives underpin our approach:

  1. Ensuring public safety — providing for, and mitigating risks to, the safety of citizens and communities (all hazards and threats, whether natural or man-made)
  2. Preserving sovereignty and territorial integrity — protecting the physical security of citizens, and exercising control over territory consistent with national sovereignty
  3. Protecting lines of communication — these are both physical and virtual and allow New Zealand to communicate, trade and engage globally
  4. Strengthening international order to promote security — contributing to the development of a rules-based international system, and engaging in targeted interventions offshore to protect New Zealand’s interests
  5. Sustaining economic prosperity — maintaining and advancing the economic wellbeing of individuals, families, businesses and communities;
  6. Maintaining democratic institutions and national values — preventing activities aimed at undermining or overturning government institutions, principles and values that underpin New Zealand society
  7. Protecting the natural environment — contributing to the preservation and stewardship of New Zealand’s natural and physical environment.

The National Security Group leads advice on matters for national security for:

  • the Prime Minister (who is the Minister for National Security and Intelligence)
  • the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media (on matters associated with cyber security)
  • the Minister Responsible for the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
  • the Minister Responsible for the Government Communications Security Bureau
  • other relevant Ministers.

The National Security Group was previously referred to as the Security and Intelligence Group. The name change occurred in August 2018 to better reflect roles, responsibilities and functions of the group.

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

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