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Our strategic intentions

DPMC’s strategic intentions are summarised in our Challenges – the five medium-term strategic priorities that we aim to achieve.

These are:

  • Challenge One - The public service understands, delivers, and helps shape the Government’s priorities
  • Challenge Two - Governance for the 21st century
  • Challenge Three - New Zealanders understand and celebrate the institutions and processes that contribute to a strong, shared, sense of identity
  • Challenge Four - Increase New Zealand’s resilience through leading and building a risk-based, community-focussed, and integrated national security system
  • Challenge Five - Leaving residents and agencies confident in the future of Greater Christchurch.

Our strategic intentions align with the Government’s priorities, which are to:

  • build better public services that all New Zealanders can rely on
  • build a more competitive and productive economy
  • responsibly manage the Government’s finances
  • rebuild greater Christchurch.
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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