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Policy system leadership

Policy Profession Board members seated around a table

The policy system is led by the Head of the Policy Profession, Dr Brook Barrington, Chief Executive of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. He is supported by the Policy Profession Board, the Policy Project team, and the Tier 2 Policy Leaders’ Network.

The relationships between the different elements of policy system leadership are outlined in the diagram below.

In this section

  • The Head of the Policy Profession

    In 2014, the then State Services Commissioner, Peter Hughes, created this functional lead role. The objective was to provide stronger leadership to those parts of the public service responsible for providing policy advice.

  • The Policy Profession Board

    The Policy Profession Board supports the Head of the Policy Profession – the policy system leader.

  • Tier 2 Policy Leaders' Network

    The Tier 2 Policy Leaders’ Network constitutes deputy chief executives with policy responsibilities from every Public Service agency. The Network’s monthly meetings are chaired by Brook Barrington, Head of the Policy Profession.

  • Policy Capability Leads

    Policy Capability Leads are people nominated by their agency to lead work on improving policy quality and capability.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

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