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Related information

  • The Protective Security Requirements set out the Government's expectations for managing personnel, physical, and information security. They set out what agencies must consider to ensure that they are managing protective security effectively. They are available at
  • Guidance on the application of the Official Information Act 1982:
    • Practice Guidelines - Official Information and The Ombudsmen Quarterly Review issued by the Office of the Ombudsmen are available on the website of the Office of the Ombudsmen, The office is also available to advise on the application of the Act.
    • Information about charging for official information is available on the Ministry of Justice website,, and the Office of the Ombudsman website,
  • Guidance on the application of the Privacy Act 1993:
    • Agency privacy officers provide guidance on the application of the Privacy Act.
    • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner provides training workshops and advice on the Act for agency privacy officers, and is consulted on policy and legislative proposals with privacy implications. The office issues case notes and a newsletter, which are available on its website,
    • Chapter 7 of the Legislation Design and Advisory Committee's guidelines (entitled Privacy and dealing with information about people)can be found on its website,
  • Information about the Ombudsmen Act 1975is available from the Office of the Ombudsmen's website,
  • Information about the Public Records Act 2005 is available from the Archives New Zealand website,
  • Ministerial and Secretariat Services, Department of Internal Affairs can provide further guidance to Ministers and former Ministers on the disposal and storage of, and access to, Minister's papers.
  • The Protocol for the release of information from the parliamentary information, communication and security systems prohibits the release of information unless the relevant member consents or the release is authorised by law. The protocol can be accessed at

The guidance listed here was current at time of going to press. For updates, see the online version of this manual at

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

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