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The New Zealand Antarctic Medal

Roll of medal recipients.

In alphabetical order

“The New Zealand Antarctic Medal may be awarded to those New Zealanders and other persons who either individually or as members of a New Zealand programme in the Antarctic region have made an outstanding contribution to exploration, scientific research, conservation, environmental protection, or knowledge of the Antarctic region; or in support of New Zealand’s objectives or operations, or both, in the Antarctic region.”


Date awarded

BARRETT, Professor Peter John, NZAM

31 December 2009

BRADSHAW, Professor John Dudley, NZAM

30 December 2006

DAVEY, Dr Frederick John, NZAM

4 June 2007

FITZGERALD, Mr Eugene Brian, NZAM 31 December 2020

GREEN, Professor Thomas George Alan, NZAM

3 June 2013

HARROWFIELD, Dr David Lawrence, NZAM

31 December 2009

HASKELL, Dr Timothy George, NZAM

31 December 2007

HAWES, Dr Ian, NZAM 6 June 2022
HEKE, Mr Randal Murray, NZAM

5 June 2017


30 December 2006

LANGHORNE, Professor Patricia Jean, NZAM 31 December 2018
LEACHMAN, The late Mr Andrew, NZAM
Posthumous. Deceased 16 September 2017.
31 December 2018

NAISH, Professor Timothy Raymond, NZAM

31 December 2009

NORRIS, Mr Baden Nolan, QSO, NZAM

3 June 2013

PYNE, Mr Alexander Richard, NZAM

31 December 2009

SANSON, Mr Lewis Vernon, NZAM 

31 December 2014

WATSON, Mr Nigel John, NZAM 31 December 2022



NZAM (Honorary)


ERB, Dr Karl, NZAM

30 December 2006

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Saturday, 31 December 2022

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