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National Security Policy

The National Security Policy Directorate provides policy leadership on matters related to national security and intelligence. Our work supports the system through long-term planning, forward-looking examination of emerging trends and issues, and continuous learning and improvement processes.

National Security Policy supports the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers to progress their objectives and fulfil their responsibilities related to national security, intelligence and security, and cyber security. 

National Security Policy:

  • Leads on legislative frameworks for intelligence and security, and counter-terrorism
  • Provides policy coordination and stewardship on national security and resilience
  • Supports national security governance boards with policy advice
  • Represents New Zealand to strengthen international security policy cooperation
  • Supports the identification, assessment and governance of national security risk across government

The Director of the National Security Policy Directorate is Dan Eaton.

National Security Policy Directorate comprises:

  • Security and Intelligence Policy who lead policy advice on the government’s overall priorities for intelligence collection and assessment; and the roles and functions of GCSB and NZSIS. Security and Intelligence Policy administers legislation on intelligence and security. 
  • The National Cyber Policy Office who lead the development of cyber security policy advice, including advising on the investment of government resources in cyber security activities. 
    National Cyber Policy Office
  • The Strategy Unit who lead work on a more strategic approach to national security, in partnership with units across the National Security Group within DPMC as well as the broader national security sector. Its work includes horizon scanning, risk identification and the provision of strategic policy insights.

  • The RCOI Response team. As kaitiaki of the Royal Commission of Inquiry's 44 recommendations, the RCOI Response Team has a responsibility to ensure the recommendations are being progressed, and that the broader intent of the RCOI is being achieved. Their work includes building and managing coordination platforms between agencies and units delivering the recommendations; making available public engagement tools, guidance and advice for RCOI-related consultation; and facilitating Ministerial oversight of the government's response.

In times of crisis, National Security Policy:

  • provides briefing and decision support to the Chief Executive of DPMC and/or the Chairs of Watch Groups and ODESC meetings
  • provides policy advice and support to the Prime Minister and portfolio Ministers
  • leads cross-agency coordination of policy advice and deliverables.
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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

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