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Policy managers


Great policy managers build high performing policy teams that deliver great policy advice. That means ensuring the policy team knows what it’s trying to achieve, has a culture of constructive challenge, innovation and continuous improvement. It means the systems and processes are in place to ensure that policy advice meets demand and has the right impact.

Resources for Policy managers

If you want to better understand your team's policy skills and how to develop these, you may like to look at our Policy Skills Framework, Map Your Team's Skills Profile, and the Development Pathways Tool.

If you are responsible for policy capability and quality in your agency, we suggest you check out our Policy Quality Framework and Policy Capability Framework. If you want to build your team's expertise in more effective initiation of a policy project, check out our Start Right Guide.

The Policy Project also holds policy forums throughout the year on topics of interest for policy managers and principal analysts in the policy community. Check out Ways to connect to the policy community.

Last updated: 
Friday, 27 November 2020

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