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Supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Prime Minister is the political leader of the Government and the country – and its main public 'face.'

The Prime Minister is also the chair of the Cabinet, and is responsible for the effective operation of executive government. These roles combine political and executive responsibilities.

DPMC provides assistance to the Prime Minister in three broad categories:

  • issues that are the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister
  • issues that arise across the full range of government business
  • administrative support to the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet Office supports central government decision-making processes through:

  • impartial secretariat services to the Executive Council, Cabinet, and Cabinet committees
  • impartial advice to the Governor-General, Prime Minister, and other Ministers on certain constitutional, policy, and procedural issues; especially those contained in the Cabinet Manual
  • assistance with coordination of the Government’s legislative programme
  • administering the New Zealand Royal Honours System and overseeing the development of the Royal New Zealand Honours Lists
  • acting as a channel of communication between the Governor-General and the Government, and has responsibility for the overall policy and administration of Government House.
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Monday, 9 January 2017

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