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Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor archives

The Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor (PMCSA) provides independent scientific advice to the Prime Minister and the Government, and comments on and contributes to scientific issues and debates of public importance. This page contains a selection of archived material from the previous terms of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisors.

What does the PMCSA do?

The PMCSA supports robust decision making by providing high quality, independent scientific advice to the Prime Minister and the Government. They play a vital role in promoting the understanding of science by the public, policy makers and elected officials, including how where science can benefit New Zealand, as well as helping to clarify issues of public concern.

The PMCSA terms of reference require them to:

  • enhance the use of science and evidence in policy formation and evaluation across government;
  • represent and assist in promoting New Zealand’s interests internationally through science;
  • promote science and technology education;
  • comment on science issues;
  • carry out specialist research on specific topics on which the Prime Minister has requested advice or commissioned reports; and
  • focus on issues and opportunities where science has the greatest potential to address issues faced by Māori and Pacific communities.

Who is the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor?

The PMCSA is a distinguished academic appointed for a term of three years and is supported by their host institution to carry out their role. The current PMCSA is Professor Dame Juliet Gerrard from the University of Auckland, who has started her second term of appointment which concludes on 30 June 2024.

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman was the inaugural PMCSA, appointed in 2009 and reappointed for four terms, until 2018.

How does DPMC support the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor?

DPMC provides operational support services to the PMCSA and their office, through their host institution, to allow effective delivery of their work programme. DPMC also coordinates the appointment or re-appointment process of the PMCSA.

What is the PMCSA archive?

The page Archive 2009 - 2018 contains links to the curated archived publications of Professor Gluckman’s terms and Professor Gerrard’s previous term as PMCSA. It contains key reports and documents which were published during their respective terms.

Where can I find current PMCSA material?

The work relating to the current PMCSA’s term can be found at

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Friday, 17 December 2021

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