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Kāpuia – Ministerial Advisory Group


Kāpuia is the Ministerial Advisory Group on the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques.

Kāpuia - Ministerial Advisory Group

Kāpuia provides independent advice to the Government on its response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques, and to make New Zealand a safer, more inclusive country for everyone.

The name Kāpuia reflects the importance of the group’s work for the future of Aotearoa New Zealand. Kāpuia comes from the whakataukī or proverb “Ki te Kotahi te kākaho ka whati, ki te kāpuia e kore e whati”. This whakataukī means if there is only one reed, it breaks easily, but gather many together they will not break. For our mahi, our work, these reeds reflect the different cultures in New Zealand, and when we all come together, we are strong and cannot be broken. By standing together in New Zealand, we will enhance social cohesion and create a safer country for everyone - by being together we cannot help but have each other’s backs. 

The Group was established in response to recommendation 44 of the Royal Commission of Inquiry report: to establish an Implementation Oversight Advisory Group. 

Information and Advice from Kāpuia

Kāpuia will release information about its meetings to enhance transparency about its work programme, usually after matters have been considered by ministers. The table below includes information from Kāpuia and its advice to Ministers and their responses.  

March 24 2022

Following its first hui for the year, Kāpuia wrote to the Lead Coordination Minister in response to his first two letters of 2022. The letter affirms Kāpuia will work with agencies leading RCOI initiatives and especially on those parts of the work programme the Lead Coordination Minister highlighted. Kāpuia also requested an update on the next steps for the Government’s work on hate-motivated and incitement offences.

March 15 2022

To mark the third anniversary of the terrorist attack on Masjid an-Nur and the Linwood Islamic Centre, the Lead Coordination Minister Hon. Andrew Little wrote the following letter to Kāpuia. 

February 28 2022

Ahead of its first hui for the year, the Lead Coordination Minister wrote to Kāpuia outlining Cabinet’s agreed long-term work programme for the Government’s response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry Report (RCOI). The Minister also identified some areas of the 2022 work programme where Kāpuia’s advice will be important.

The Government agreed long-term work programme referenced in the letter is publicly available here and progress updates can be found here.

October 19 2021

Following its fourth meeting on 13 October, Kāpuia wrote to the Lead Coordination Minister on its review of the Government’s longer-term work programme to respond to the Royal Commission of Inquiry report. 

On 18 November, Minister Little responded to Kāpuia.

October 15 2021

Following Kāpuia’s final four members joining the roopu, Kāpuia wrote to the Lead Coordination Minister to finalise its draft Terms of Reference and associated Code of Conduct. 

September 16 2021


Following its third meeting on 9 September, Kāpuia wrote to the Lead Coordination Minister. The letter especially acknowledged the New Lynn terror attack. Kāpuia again emphasised the importance of more effective government engagement and consultation processes with communities. Kāpuia also sought clarity on the Government's priorities for acting on the Royal Commission of Inquiry's Recommendations and asked for assurance that adequate funding is available to implement the Government response work programme.

On 12 October Minister Little responded to Kāpuia.

July 30 2021

Following its second meeting on 28 July, Kāpuia wrote to the Lead Coordination Minister to express concerns about the Government’s current community consultations around social cohesion and incitement of hatred and discrimination, and about government agencies consultations with communities more generally.

On 6 August, the Ministry for Social Development extended its online survey on social cohesion until 10 September this year, this can be found at Social Cohesion Consultation Hub - Citizen Space. On 23 August, Minister Little responded to Kāpuia. 

On 31 August, the Ministry of Justice responded to Kāpuia’s concerns about the consultation on incitement.

On 1 September, the Ministry of Social Development responded to Kāpuia’s concerns about the consultation on social cohesion.

July 2 2021

Statement from Kāpuia following its first meeting on Wednesday 30th of June.

Members of Kāpuia

The Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group is Arihia Bennett MNZM (also the CEO of Ngāi Tahu).

The members of the Ministerial Advisory Group are:

Arihia Bennett MNZM (chair)

Abdur Razzaq Khan

Aliya Danzeisen

Arif Ali

Bariz Shah

Bernard O'Donnell

Claire Appleby-Phillips

Edwina Pio

Eva Chen

Imam Gamal Fouda

Haris Murtaza

Huia Bramley

Jennifer Khan-Janif

Joycelyn Raffills

Katherine Dedo

Katrina Azer

Kodrean Eashae

Maysoon Salama

Melani Anae

Mustafa Derbashi MNZM

Nissa Mowjood

Noeleen Van de Lisdonk

Parminder Kaur

Patrick O'Connor

Radiya Ali

Richard Leung

Tahirah Moton

Shaystah Dean

Stephen Goodman

These thirty people are from diverse backgrounds across Aotearoa, and include affected whānau, survivors and witnesses, representative communities, civil society, local government and the private sector. 

If you have questions about the Group or would like to get in contact, please email

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Friday, 22 April 2022

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