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Working groups and specialist groups

Working or Specialist Groups form when it is desirable for a profession or discipline to determine and present a consolidated view, or specific advice, to a Watch Group or ODESC.

If this consolidated view is not provided, Watch Group and ODESC meetings might be dragged into the detail and get diverted into carrying out the analysis themselves without necessarily having the right background to do this effectively.

Working Groups and Specialist Groups are normally activated by the lead agency or by DPMC. While an ad-hoc Working Group can be formed for a specific crisis, the established ones include:

  • Government Legal Network
  • Policy Coordination Group
  • All-of-Government Strategic Communications
  • Science Network
  • Intelligence Community
  • Border Agencies cluster
  • Economic Advisory Group

For more information download the National Security System Handbook.

Last updated: 
Thursday, 25 August 2016

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