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The new health system

Aotearoa New Zealand's health system is changing the way we structure and deliver health services to ensure all New Zealanders get the services they need and to meet future challenges.

The new health system will be a single health service providing consistent, high-quality health services for all people. The Ministry of Health will be focused on policy, strategy and regulation while a new body, Health New Zealand, will take over the planning and commissioning of services and the functions of the existing 20 District Health Boards to remove duplication and provide true national planning. A Māori Health Authority will work alongside Health NZ to improve services and achieve equitable health outcomes for Māori.

Latest updates


The Minister of Health is now calling for nominations for the interim Māori Health Authority and Health New Zealand Boards.

A Steering Group selected and led by Ta Mason Durie has agreed a Māori-centred process to identify and shortlist nominees for the interim Māori Health Authority board. This will include reaching out directly to Iwi and the Māori health sector, supplemented by other recruitment channels. In addition to facilitating this process the Steering Group will also provide advice and oversight to the appointment of all candidates, including Māori candidates to the interim Health New Zealand Board.

The HardyGroup (HG) and Atahaia Consulting are working in partnership to support the appointment process across both boards.

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Resources and information

Health Reform: White Paper Summary

This White Paper provides an overview of the upcoming reform of the health and disability system.

Read the White Paper in: English (PDF, 271KB), te reo Māori (PDF 720KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 210KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 316KB) , 中文 (PDF, 625KB), Easy Read English (PDF, 2248KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 583KB), 한국어 (PDF, 446KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 222KB), Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani (PDF, 226KB), vosa Vakaviti (PDF, 216KB), Gagana Tokelau (PDF, 251KB), ‘Gana Tuvalu (PDF, 216KB), Vagahau Niue (PDF, 147KB), Fäeag Rotuam (PDF, 243KB).


Check out the factsheets below to find out more about the changes to the health system.

Factsheet: Stewardship

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 111KB), te reo Māori (PDF 119KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 67KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 74KB), 中文 (PDF, 195KB).

Factsheet: Factsheet: Implementation roadmap

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 179KB), te reo Māori (PDF 156KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 166KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 191KB), 中文 (PDF, 274KB).

Factsheet: Voice of communities and consumers

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 118KB), te reo Māori (PDF 121KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 73KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 78KB), 中文 (PDF, 177KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 66KB), 한국어 (PDF, 170KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 49KB), Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani (PDF, 74KB), vosa Vakaviti (PDF, 50KB), Gagana Tokelau (PDF, 76KB), 'Gana Tuvalu (PDF, 55KB), Vagahau Niue (PDF, 21KB), Fäeag Rotuam (PDF, 78KB).

Factsheet: Health New Zealand

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 130KB), te reo Māori (PDF 103KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 124KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 73KB), 中文 (PDF, 223KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 65KB), 한국어 (PDF, 173KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 45KB).

Factsheet: Hauora Māori

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 137KB), te reo Māori (PDF 141KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 79KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 150KB), 中文 (PDF, 238KB).

Factsheet: Services for disabled people

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 111KB), te reo Māori (PDF 101KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 69KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 72KB), 中文 (PDF, 187KB).

Factsheet: Pacific communities

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 112KB), te reo Māori (PDF 117KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 54KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 71KB), 中文 (PDF, 228KB), Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani (PDF, 70KB), vosa Vakaviti (PDF, 20KB), Gagana Tokelau (PDF, 69KB), 'Gana Tuvalu (PDF, 23KB), Vagahau Niue (PDF, 19KB), Fäeag Rotuam (PDF, 74KB).

Factsheet: Hospital and specialist services

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 112KB), te reo Māori (PDF 119KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 69KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 78KB), 中文 (PDF, 212KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 66KB), 한국어 (PDF, 146KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 18KB).

Factsheet: Primary and community care

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 350KB), te reo Māori (PDF 176KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 293KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 290KB), 中文 (PDF, 398KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 286KB), 한국어 (PDF, 380KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 270KB).

Factsheet: Mental Health

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 142KB), te reo Māori (PDF 99KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 59KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 60KB), 中文 (PDF, 179KB).

Factsheet: Rural health

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 119KB), te reo Māori (PDF 120KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 90KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 92KB), 中文 (PDF, 236KB).

Factsheet: Public Health

Read the Factsheet in: English (PDF, 128KB), te reo Māori (PDF 121KB), gagana fa'a Samoa (PDF, 95KB), Faka Tonga (PDF, 100KB), 中文 (PDF, 283KB), हिन्दी, हिंदी (PDF, 70KB), 한국어 (PDF, 184KB), Wikang Tagalog (PDF, 48KB).


Read all the Factsheets available in each language: English, te reo Māori, gagana fa'a Samoa, Faka Tonga, 中文, हिन्दी, हिंदी, 한국어, Wikang Tagalog, Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani, vosa Vakaviti, Gagana Tokelau, 'Gana Tuvalu, Vagahau Niue, Fäeag Rotuam.


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Thursday, 3 June 2021

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