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Great policy managers build high performing policy teams that deliver great policy advice. That means ensuring the policy team knows what it’s trying to achieve, has a culture of constructive challenge, innovation and continuous improvement, and has systems and processes in place to ensure that policy advice meets demand and has the right impact.

Resources for Policy managers

The Policy Project worked with the policy community to co-produce frameworks and tools to help managers build high-performing policy teams, skilled policy staff and quality policy advice.

Policy capability framework enables agencies to assess their policy capability. It describes the key components of capability and offers questions for reviewing organisational capability to produce quality policy advice. It can be applied to the overall organisation or a policy team.

Policy skills framework sets out the knowledge, applied skills and behaviour required of policy professionals. Tools are available for use by  managers to assess the skills mix of their team and for use in recruitment, performance discussions and learning and development processes.

Map your team's policy skills profile (DOCX 1.93 MB).

Policy quality framework describes the key characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the enablers that make it possible. There is a range of tools to support you to deliver quality policy analysis and advice, including:

Start Right is the Policy Project’s approach to ensuring policy quality from the outset. You can start with the guide (PDF 1.78 MB) and use the commissioning conversation prompts (PDF 436.74 KB) and the green light framework (PDF 269.04 KB) to help you get policy quality right from the start.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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