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Policy forums

The Policy Project regularly holds policy forums for policy managers and principal policy analysts and advisors. These forums cover the Policy Project’s tools and frameworks, best practice, and policy topics of interest across the public service. Recent forums have included:

Networks and Communities of Practice

The Policy Project supports a number of networks and communities of practice across the public sector that provide an opportunity for the policy community to practise policy methods, share expertise, and collaborate on projects.

They include:

  • New Zealand Behavioural Insights Community of Practice is a group of behavioural insights practitioners and those interested in behavioural insights. The group shares expertise, collaborates on projects, and promotes the use of behavioural insights to support robust policy outcomes. Email to be included in future emails and events. You can also read the latest Behavioural Insights Community of Practice newsletter. View presentations from previous events run by the Behavioural Insights Community of Practice.

  • Service Design Network is an informal network of design thinking practitioners and those interested in design thinking. The network shares knowledge, builds capability in design thinking, and supports collaboration and best practice. Email Ben Briggs at to be included in future emails and events.

  • Strategic Futures Group is a group of foresight practitioners and those interested in foresight. The forum provides an opportunity for members to practice foresighting, build capability and apply futures as a discipline into public sector activities. Email Cathy Swanson at to be included in emails and events.

  • The Policy Training Network is a group of policy training champions from across the public service who share information, best practice and course materials critical to good policy-making. Every agency is represented on the network, so find your agency contact to learn more about the Policy Training Network, or email us on

In addition, other government networks you may wish to connect with include:

  • Government Economics Network promotes the better use of economics in the public sector in New Zealand. It caters to economists and non-economists through a range of events and training opportunities focused on using economics in policy advice.

  • Government Legal Network is a network of lawyers across the New Zealand public sector. It offers a shared pathway of legal expertise, professional development, and services to the Crown and New Zealanders.

  • Government Analytics Network is a community of practice for New Zealand public servants working with data. The group provides opportunities for learning and sharing good practice, and linking people and their work to the broader government data analytics community.

  • Government Regulatory Practice Initiative is a network of central and local government regulatory agencies established to lead and contribute to regulatory practice initiatives. It works on actions to improve leadership, culture, regulatory practice and workforce capability in regulatory organisations and systems.

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Wednesday, 9 February 2022

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