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Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network

The Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network is a group of Deputy Chief Executives with policy responsibilities committed to system-wide improvement in policy capability, design and delivery. Members represent a wide variety of policy areas.



The Network meets regularly to discuss, share and champion policy improvement initiatives.

They also meet occasionally with ministers and the Prime Minister to discuss the policy advisory relationship and priorities.

Here you can read about some of their discussions

26 April 2017 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 496.74 KB) - Stewardship workshop.

13 August 2015 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 220 KB) - Update on the Policy Project.

18 July 2015 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 1.3 MB) - On longer term strategic policy questions.

2 July 2015 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 282 KB) - Meeting with Hon Paula Bennett on the quality of policy advice.

9 April 2015 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 405 KB) - Brainstorming a 'Heat Map' of urgent, looming and future policy issues.

26 February 2015 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 367 KB) - Developing capability components and indicators for a high-performing policy shop.

4 December 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 689 KB) - Talking with the Deputy Prime Minister on best practice for ministes and officials working together.

23 October 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 565 KB) - On how agencies are establishing or re-establishing relationships with Ministers.

11 September 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 400 KB) - Comments and feedback about the Treasury's Policy Measurement Project.

19 June 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 1.6 MB) - Feedback on 'The Policy Project Narrative and direction of travel' paper.

8 May 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 2.2 MB) - On existing policy quality standards, and roles and functions for effective policy services.

3 April 2014 workshop conversation tracker (PDF 1.2 MB) - On the New Zealand policy system and how the Network could collectively improve the performance of the policy function across the public service.

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