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Tier 2 Policy Leaders' Network

The Tier 2 Policy Leaders’ Network constitutes deputy chief executives with policy responsibilities from every Public Service agency. The Network’s monthly meetings are chaired by Brook Barrington, Head of the Policy Profession.

The scope of the matters included in Network meeting agendas include:

  • regular updates on matters of common interest
  • sharing information at key points in the governmental and electoral cycle
  • providing feedback on Policy Project initiatives and funding, and championing agency-based and system-wide policy improvement initiatives.

A meeting of the Tier 2 Policy Leader's Network

Network events

  • Policy Analyst Forum
    In October 2014, 64 early career analysts from across the Public Service shared their ideas for improving policy capability, quality and performance. At the end of the session, the analysts were joined by members of the Tier 2 Policy Leaders' Network.
  • Policy Managers Forum
    In April 2015, 39 policy managers from 20 agencies were invited to test some key deliverables for the Policy Project, including a common policy quality framework. The Tier 2 Policy Leaders' Network joined for an open discussion at the end.
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Thursday, 26 January 2023

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