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National Intelligence and Risk Coordination

The National Intelligence and Risk Coordination directorate has a dual, interconnected function of leading the delivery of the National Security and Intelligence Priorities, and the National Risk Approach.

National Security and Intelligence Priorities

The National Security and Intelligence Priorities are the government's key priority areas for intelligence, information and assessment.

The Priorities, agreed by Cabinet, help agencies to streamline and prioritise resourcing and information needs, to deliver better decision making across government.

We provide sector leadership as Chair of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee and by working alongside sector coordination functions.

National Risk Approach

The National Risk Approach is a key mechanism used across government to manage New Zealand’s most significant national security risks.

As a small nation, we need to ensure our attention is focused on the national security risks that could have the greatest impact for New Zealanders.

DPMC supports responsible government agencies to assess nationally significant risks, drawing on relevant evidence and subject matter expertise, to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve resilience. We also support the two ODESC Boards; the Hazard Risk Board and the Security and Intelligence Board, to strategically govern nationally significant risks.

The National Intelligence and Risk Coordination directorate is led by Director Nicky Eaton.

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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

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