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Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM)


The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) provides leadership in reducing risk, being ready for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

We manage central government’s response and recovery functions for national emergencies, and support the management of local and regional emergencies.


The primary function of MCDEM is to support and enable communities to manage emergencies. MCDEM works with the diverse range of agencies that comprise the civil defence emergency management sector; each with different responsibilities and focus, and varying levels of resources and capability. Organisations involved include communities and their local authorities, central government departments and agencies, emergency services, welfare agencies, lifeline utilities and education providers, researchers, international agencies, and non-government organisations.

The overarching strategy is to build resilience through a risk management approach and the four "Rs" of:

  • Risk Reduction
  • Readiness
  • Response
  • Recovery

This approach starts with recognising the range of hazards we face and the vulnerability of our communities, buildings, and infrastructure to those hazards. By understanding the impacts we could face from hazards, the focus can move to measures for reducing the risks and for managing impacts when they occur.

MCDEM aims to put the right tools, knowledge, and skills in the hands of those who will be responsible for designing and implementing solutions at the local level. We do this by working closely with local government, lifeline utilities, the emergency services, and a range of other organisations involved in civil defence emergency management.

In an emergency MCDEM:

  • leads the national response and recovery for
    • geological events – earthquakes, volcanic, tsunami landslides
    • weather events – coastal hazards, floods, severe storm
    • failure of Infrastructure - e,g, telecommunication, power networks.
  • supports civil defence emergency management (CDEM) Groups, which lead emergency responses at the local level for the above hazards
  • supports other agencies when they have the lead, such as Police (e.g. terrorism events), Ministry for Primary Industries (e.g. drought, animal diseases and food safety), and Ministry of Health (human pandemics).
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Thursday, 29 June 2017

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