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Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan was approved by the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee and gazetted in July 2012.

The vision in the Recovery Plan is that Central Christchurch will become the thriving heart of an international city. A central city that will attract people to live, work, play, learn, stay and invest and be:

  • vibrant, well-formed with a compact ‘core’
  • safe, accessible to everyone and responsive to future changes.

Through its Blueprint Plan, the Recovery Plan outlines how the vision can be achieved in three ways:

  • defining the form of the central city
  • setting out the locations of key anchor projects to encourage investment and growth
  • outlining block plans to show what the city could look like in the future.

The community's aspirations for a green, vibrant, accessible and prosperous city are reflected through the Blueprint Plan, the anchor projects, and other projects included in the Recovery Plan.

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (PDF, 11MB)

The Blueprint Plan

The Blueprint Plan shows the new central city layout and defines the locations of anchor projects.

The Blueprint Plan (A3 version) (PDF, 3MB)

The Blueprint Plan (A0 version) (PDF, 60MB)

The Recovery Plan directed changes to the Christchurch City Council’s District Plan.

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan - Appendix 1: Amendments to Christchurch City Council’s District Plan  (PDF, 2MB)

Additions and amendments to the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

An Accessible City

The An Accessible City transport chapter is an addendum to the Recovery Plan replacing the previous transport chapter and came into effect in October 2013.

It outlines a central city transport system that will provide a range of travel options that are flexible and resilient.

An Accessible City (PDF, 5MB)

A Liveable City

Successful cities need attractive central city neighbourhoods with diverse communities to support business growth and development, and bring life to the city centre.

A Liveable City is the residential chapter of the Recovery Plan and came into effect in January 2015. 

It puts forward a vision and objectives for central city living, along with revised provisions to Christchurch City Council’s District Plan and several initiatives to stimulate the development of housing and communities.

A Liveable City Residential Chapter (PDF, 3MB)

Addendums to the Recovery Plan

In December 2014, two addendums to Recovery Plan were approved by the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery through the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011. The addendums made changes to the Christchurch City Council's District Plan.

Noise and Entertainment Provisions

One of the aims of the Recovery Plan is to encourage central city living which is important to the vitality and functioning of the central city. The entertainment and hospitality sector is also an important component of central city life.

It is necessary to manage the interaction of these difference types of activity. The Noise and Entertainment Provisions for the central city are designed to strike a good balance that successfully manages this through amendments to Christchurch City Council’s District Plan.

Noise and Entertainment Provisions Addendum (PDF, 2MB)

South Frame

The Recovery Plan created a Blueprint Plan for the city (see above) including a ‘Frame’ surrounding a commercial core and the location of various anchor projects in the central city.

This addendum defines the South Frame as an anchor project.

The South Frame incorporates the Health and Innovation Precincts and provides for a range of buildings in an accessible, open landscape.

The addendum also requires the Christchurch City Council’s District Plan to include the Central City (South Frame) mixed use zone provisions.

South Frame addendum (PDF, 2MB)

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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