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1.73The granting, confirmation, and control of armorial bearings (coats of arms) and other heraldic devices fall within the Sovereign's prerogative as the “Fount of all Honour”. Her Majesty's Lieutenants, in exercising this prerogative in New Zealand, are the Earl Marshal and the Kings of Arms (College of Arms).

1.74Their representative in New Zealand is the New Zealand Herald of Arms Extraordinary to Her Majesty the Queen, who acts as the formal channel of communication with the College of Arms. All matters relating to heraldry, associated genealogical research, and registrations should be directed to the New Zealand Herald of Arms. As the New Zealand Herald of Arms is an independent officer, fees may be charged for services and advice.

1.75The use of state, royal, and vice-regal emblems is protected by the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981. The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is responsible for the administration of this Act. The New Zealand Herald of Arms advises on matters relating to the use of such emblems where the proposed use requires consideration of heraldic matters.

1.76For more information on heraldry and the role of the New Zealand Herald of Arms Extraordinary, see the Honours Unit's website.

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