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Policy quality

Good advice is the foundation of good decision making. It helps decision makers decide what to do by being clear about the problem or opportunity, by setting out all the available evidence, and by presenting options that balance what is desirable, possible and cost-effective.

Good advice is clear about what government wants to achieve and is savvy to the political context. Good advice helps turn great ideas into real action to improve the lives of New Zealanders.

Policy quality framework

The Policy Quality Framework describes the key characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the ‘enablers’ of great advice, like considering multiple perspectives, good commissioning, quality assurance processes and work planning.

It is one of three improvement frameworks co-designed for and by the policy community to help government agencies improve their policy quality and capability.

All three frameworks have been endorsed for use by:

The Head of Policy Profession

Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network

Tools and applications

The Policy Quality Framework is supported by a range of tools to assist practitioners to review and improve policy quality.

Policy Quality Framework

Policy quality framework - Detailing the characteristics and enablers of quality advice.

Ex-Ante: Getting Policy Quality Right from the Start

Start Right is the Policy Project’s approach to ensuring policy quality from the outset.  It may also be useful in the Early Engagement phase of Regulatory Impact Assessment. 

Start right guide

Start right commissioning conversation prompts

Start right green light framework

For more information, see the Treasury Regulatory Impact Analysis website.

Ex-Post: Assessing Policy Quality and Learning from Experience

Ex-post assessments - guide to panels and processes - Guide for using the policy quality framework for ex post assessment of papers.

Ex-post assessments template - Scoring template for using the policy quality framework for ex post assessment of papers.

Peer review checklist - A checklist for providing peer review on draft advice.

Policy quality framework - developments, insights and guidance - Insights and lessons from the development of the policy quality framework.

Pathways to quality - Discussion of agency quality assurance systems and recommendations from Andrew Kibblewhite, Head of the Policy Profession.

Communication Materials

PQF A3 poster

PQF A5 desk card

Conversations we’ve had so far about developing and delivering quality advice.

The Policy Project frameworks and tools are informed by co-design workshops held with groups from across the policy community.

Policy leaders forum

Analyst forum

Managers forum

Further information

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