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Ministerial portfolio


Minister of Revenue
Current Minister:
Hon David Parker

Responsibilities include the overall working of New Zealand’s tax system.


Inland Revenue Department


Vote Revenue


Child Support Act 1991
Estate and Gift Duties Act 1968
Estate Duty Abolition Act 1993
Goods and Services Tax Act 1985
Gaming Duties Act 1971
Income Tax Act 2007
KiwiSaver Act 2006 (Parts 1 to 3, aspects of Part 5, Schedule 3)1
Stamp and Cheque Duties Act 1971
Student Loan Scheme Act 1992
Student Loan Scheme Act 2011
Tax Administration Act 1994
Taxation Review Authorities Act 1994
Unclaimed Money Act 1971

1 Part 4, aspects of Part 5 and Schedules 1 and 2 of the KiwiSaver Act 2006 are administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. The Ministers of Commerce and Finance are jointly responsible for the appointment of default KiwiSaver providers under section 177 of the Act.

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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