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Ministerial Portfolio


Minister for Courts
Current Minister:
Hon Amy Adams

The Ministry of Justice provides the administrative support for this portfolio.

Crown entities: 


PFA schedule organisations: 


Other organisations: 

Criminal Justice Reimbursement Scheme
Lay Observers

A large number of courts, tribunals and other authorities receive administrative support from the Ministry of Justice. For a full list see


Vote Courts


Admiralty Act 1973
Coroners Act 2006
Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1967
Courts (Remote Participation) Act 2010
Courts Security Act 1999
Crimes Act 1961, Part XII
Criminal Justice Act 1985
Criminal Procedure Act 2011
Declaratory Judgments Act 1908
Disputes Tribunals Act 1988
District Courts Act 1947
Family Courts Act 1980
Family Proceedings Act 1980
Inferior Courts Procedure Act 1909
Judicature Act 1908
Juries Act 1981
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements Act 1934
Sentencing Act 2002
Summary Proceedings Act 1957

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