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Response and Recovery Leadership Capability Development Programme

Leaders play a vital role in the management of a response to, or recovery from, an emergency event. Such events provide leaders with both challenges and opportunities: decisions are often required at a time of uncertainty and leaders must coordinate, direct, influence and facilitate others towards common outcomes.

The Response and Recovery Leadership Programme offered by Response & Recovery Aotearoa New Zealand (RRANZ) aims to support Controllers, Recovery Managers and Response Managers across the National Security System to develop their response and recovery management and leadership capabilities at local, regional and national levels.

The Response and Recovery Leadership Capability Framework is based on international research and has been workshopped with local, regional and central government agency stakeholders. It details the capabilities expected in leaders within Response and Recovery and forms the basis of the programme. Individuals can use the framework to understand their own skill levels and organisations can use it to inform staff development.

A Response and Recovery Leadership Capability Framework will be available here soon.

The Response and Recovery Leadership Programme is offered in two tiers. Both tiers include online learning followed by face to face participation in active learning and exercises. Tier 1 has an operational focus intended to build common capabilities for response and recovery, whereas Tier 2 has a strategic focus with more specialisation for the separate response and recovery leadership roles.

Find out more about the Response and Recovery Leadership Programme.

Nominations are welcomed from Controllers, Recovery Managers or Response Managers, or those who are developing in these areas, from all response levels. Nomination forms will be reviewed regularly by the selection panel and selection will be confirmed no later than 2 weeks before the start of the online dates.

Before completing the nomination form please ensure you have the permission of your line manager and organisation.

Note, completing the nomination form does not guarantee you will be selected for the Programme. If not selected, feedback will be provided.

Complete the Response and Recovery Leadership Programme nomination form.

If you have carried out Response or Recovery leadership capability development previously and would like to know about Recognition of Current Competency (RCC), or have other questions about the Programme, please email

2020 Dates

Provisional course dates for 2020 are as follows:


Part-time online commences

Face-to-face sessions

Nominations deadline



10 February

23-27 March

20 January



31 March

18-22 May

5 March


(Number Dependent)


6 July

17-21 August

8 June



12 October

23-27 Nov

14 September




27-31 July





2-6 November



Response & Recovery Leadership Capability Development Programme Updates

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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