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Requests for parliamentary information

8.90 Requests under the Official Information Act for documents relating to parliamentary proceedings may be refused if releasing the document would amount to a contempt of the House (section 18(c)(ii)). Most documents relating to parliamentary proceedings are made available publicly by the Office of the Clerk as a matter of course, for example once a select committee has reported to the House. However, some proceedings remain confidential under the Standing Orders and the practices of the House, and so releasing them could constitute a contempt. The Office of the Clerk can advise whether this ground for refusal might apply to a particular request.

8.91 The Protocol for the release of information from the parliamentary information, communication and security systems applies to requests for information held on parliamentary systems, other than official information and Privacy Act requests. Requests for information that is about or relevant to Ministers in their capacity as members of Parliament is covered by the protocol. The protocol essentially prohibits the release of information unless the relevant member consents or the release is authorised by law. The protocol can be found on the Parliament website.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

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