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Law Commission work programme

7.19 The Law Commission is an independent Crown entity established by statute to undertake the systematic review, reform, and development of the law of New Zealand. Projects for the Law Commission may be proposed by any Minister or by the Law Commission. Each year the Minister responsible for the Law Commission writes to all Ministers inviting proposals suitable for government reference to the Law Commission, with the aim of finalising its work programme by the end of June.

7.20 Ministers are encouraged to consult the Parliamentary Counsel Office before proposing a legislation project for the Law Commission’s work programme. Information on the current work programme can be found on the Law Commission’s website. The Law Commission and relevant government agencies should collaborate closely during the course of a Law Commission project.

7.21 Following presentation of a Law Commission report, the portfolio Minister will submit a paper to Cabinet. If Cabinet accepts the recommendations in the Law Commission’s report, no formal government response is made. If Cabinet rejects the recommendations, the government must present a formal response to the House within 120 working days of the presentation of the Law Commission’s report. The processes for the government to respond to Law Commission reports are set out in the CabGuide. Further information about Cabinet and the Law Commission is set out in CO (09) 1 Law Commission: Processes for Setting the Work Programme and Government Response to Reports.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

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