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Revision Bills

7.16 The Legislation Act 2012 introduced a mechanism for systematically revising the presentation of some New Zealand statutes to make them more accessible. After being revised, they are introduced as revision bills into Parliament for re-enactment. Revision is not intended to change the effect of a law.

7.17 The Attorney-General must prepare a revision programme for each new Parliament, setting out the statutes to be revised over each three-year period. The Parliamentary Counsel Office is responsible for preparing the revision programme in consultation with the Government departments that administer the legislation. Revision bills must be certified by a panel of eminent lawyers comprising the President of the Law Commission, the Solicitor-General, a retired High Court Judge, and the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

7.18 Departments should review the legislation they administer, and consult with the Parliamentary Counsel Office to see if it would benefit from revision.

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

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