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Order of Precedence

1.77The Order of Precedence is approved by the Sovereign. It indicates the relative precedence of constitutional office holders, public officials, and certain others, on state, official, and other important occasions. Hosts and organisers of official functions and events should consult the Order of Precedence for guidance on the placement of official guests for the purposes of presentation lines and seating.

1.78The Order of Precedence is a guide to be followed as appropriate to the circumstances of the occasion. With the exception of the Sovereign and the Governor-General, the precedence of those listed varies from time to time and from national to local level, and depending on the nature of the occasion. Individuals not specifically included in the Order of Precedence may also be accorded precedence ahead of some office holders who are listed, where it is appropriate to the occasion. The relationship between the host and the guests and the requirements of courtesy, hospitality, and tikanga may override strict precedence.

1.79The Order of Precedence is published on the Governor-General's website.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

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