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Official Information Act responses (OIAs)

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) publishes responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests, as appropriate, soon after DPMC has sent the response to the requestor.

The reply letter from DPMC details the information being released and explains what information, if any, has been withheld and under which grounds of the OIA. The requestor's name and address have been removed.

Please contact DPMC directly for accessible versions of the responses if required.

OIA response publication schedule

Batches of responses will typically be released here once a month. There will be no notification on this page if there are no responses to be published on a particular day, nor will we signal in advance which responses will be published.

Please note DPMC will not be publishing OIA responses during the summer holiday period.  Publication will recommence in February

OIA responses

Documents are only available in Adobe PDF format and are listed in release date order, with the most recently released responses at the top.

Published date Response date Topic
30 Aug 2019 22 Jul 2019

Request for information relating to the use of emergency powers in Civil Defence Events

30 Aug 2019 19 Jul 2019

Request relating to the unauthorised access of Budget 2019 materials

30 Aug 2019 16 Jul 2019

Request relating to diversity of DPMC staff

30 Aug 2019 10 Jun 2019

Request relating to Cabinet paper circa 14/12/2010 Canterbury Earthquake Recovery - DBH Guidance

30 Aug 2019 6 Jun 2018

Request relating to CERA records regarding payments made to Matapopore Charitable Trust since 2014

30 Aug 2019 28 May 2018

Request for information relating to the staffing of Metro Sports Facility and Multi Use Arena/Stadium review

30 Aug 2019 23 May 2018

Request for information relating to Payroll-giving scheme(s)

30 Aug 2019 21 May 2018

Request for information relating to the Cenotaph

26 Jul 2019 19 Jun 2019

Request relating to the presence of FEMA and Raytheon in Taranaki and earthquake planning in the region

28 Jun 2019 20 May 2019

Request for all correspondence with Plaman Resources Limited in the last two years

28 Jun 2019 14 May 2019

Request for information relating to the costs of putting out the Pigeon Valley fires

28 Jun 2019 10 May 2019

Request for communications regarding the South Frame

28 Jun 2019 23 Jul 2018

Request for email correspondence about the UK Child Poverty Act and child poverty in the UK

31 May 2019 24 Apr 2019

Request relating to process of nominations to boards managed by DPMC

31 May 2019 4 Apr 2019

Request relating to the average cost of DPMC OIA responses and other matters

31 May 2019 26 Apr 2019

Request relating to DPMC's furniture expenditure for the past five years

31 May 2019 17 Apr 2019

Request relating to grievance compensation

31 May 2019 17 Apr 2019

Request relating to grievance and complaints

31 May 2019 20 Aug 2018

Request relating to reimbursements of eligible emergency costs

31 May 2019 20 Aug 2018

Request relating to DPMC's policy on gender discrimination as it relates to lawyers

31 May 2019 14 Aug 2018

Request relating to restructuring at DPMC over the last three financial years

31 May 2019 1 Aug 2018

Request relating to MCDEM's funding to Project AF8 Group

26 Apr 2019 13 Mar 2019

Request for DPMC's advertising costs for past five financial years

26 Apr 2019 12 Mar 2019

Request relating to non-disclosure agreements signed in 2018

1 Apr 2019 26 Feb 2019

Request for the costs of the Labour Caucus 2019 planning retreat in Martinborough and other matters

1 Apr 2019 26 Feb 2019

Request for the Engagment Plans for the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy

1 Apr 2019 20 Feb 2019

The total travel costs for DPMC officials who accompanied the Prime Minister's visit to Europe

1 Apr 2019 19 Feb 2019

Request for information relating to payments made by DPMC to InternetNZ in the past 10 years

1 Apr 2019 15 Feb 2019

Request for information relating to South Frame developed design material

1 Apr 2019 12 Feb 2019

Request for information relating to DPMC's diversity, cohesion and integration definitions and intentions

1 Apr 2019 12 Feb 2019

Request for a list a draft media statements for the Prime Minister to use in significant events or situations

1 Apr 2019 11 Feb 2019

Request for information relating to amount spent on Koha/donations by DPMC for 2017/18 financial year

1 Apr 2019 7 Feb 2019

Request for information relating to Koru Club memberships held by DPMC for 2017/18 financial year

22 Feb 2019 13 Dec 2018

Personal Grievance Payments 2017/18 Financial Year

22 Feb 2019 12 Dec 2018

Request for documents held in relation to Emergency Management (ACE) Governance Group meeting of 18 September 2018

22 Feb 2019 14 Nov 2018

Processes completed prior to awarding the East Frame Residential development contract

30 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018

Donations from Signatures Homes received by current and previous Governments

30 Nov 2018 30 Oct 2018

Request for political affiliation of 'Cathedral Club' and Chinese Businessman

30 Nov 2018 29 Oct 2018

Terms of Reference for ODESC Governance Boards

30 Nov 2018 15 Oct 2018

Details and Costings of DPMC's Hold Music

30 Nov 2018 5 Oct 2018

DPMC's Engagement with Consultancies

30 Nov 2018 5 Oct 2018

New Zealand Honours System

26 Oct 2018 6 Sep 2018

South Canterbury Finance

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Friday, 30 August 2019

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