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Results for New Zealanders

The Government has set 10 challenging results for the public sector to achieve over the next three to five years.

Ministers and a public sector chief executive have been appointed to lead each result and will be accountable for demonstrating real progress against his or her result. These results fall into five themes:

Reducing long-term welfare dependency

1. Reduce the number of people who have been on a working age benefit for more than 12 months.

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Supporting vulnerable children

2. Increase participation in early childhood education.

3. Increase infant immunisation rates and reduce the incidence of rheumatic fever.

4. Reduce the number of assaults on children.

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Boosting skills and employment

5. Increase the proportion of 18 year olds with NCEA level 2 or equivalent qualification.

6. Increase the proportion of 25-34 year olds with advanced trade qualifications, diplomas and degrees (at level 4 or above).

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Reducing crime

7. Reduce the rates of total crime, violent crime and youth crime.

8. Reduce reoffending.

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Improving interaction with government

9. New Zealand businesses have a one-stop online shop for all government advice and support they need to run and grow their business.

10. New Zealanders can complete their transactions with the Government easily in a digital environment.

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Monday, 12 March 2012

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