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Ministers' office checklist for lodging non-CabNet papers

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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This publication is part of the CabGuide.

There are two types of items that are not lodged in CabNet: highly classified papers and additional items for which there are no accompanying papers.

Refer to the page on Cabinet and committee items not uploaded into CabNet for further information.

  • Prerequisite: A highly classified (or highly sensitive) paper is ready to be approved by the Minister for lodgement.
  • Is the paper expected to be approved for lodgement after the Thursday 10:00am lodgement deadline? If YES, then an email reqest for a late paper is required.
  • Is the submission complete? The paper and attachments have all been provided to the by Minister’s office. The top half of the CAB100 form has been completed by the agency and signed.
  • If the paper is a joint paper, agreement has been reached with the other owning Ministers’ offices on which office will complete the lodgement process.
  • All necessary Ministerial consultation has occurred.
    • The Minister of Finance often requires consultation - refer to the consultation section of the CabGuide for information.
    • If the submitting Minister is an Associate Minister, consultation has occurred with the principal Minister.
  • Consultation with support parties has been undertaken (or needs to be undertaken), if consultation is necessary.
  • Consultation with Caucus has been undertaken (or needs to be undertaken), if consultation is necessary.
  • The intended Cabinet or Cabinet committee meeting has been confirmed with the Minister.
  • The information collected as a result of the steps above has been included on the CAB100 form.
  • The paper and the CAB100 form can now be signed by the Minister.
  • The CAB101 form can be completed, 2 photocopies of the paper made, and it can be delivered to the Cabinet Office (level 10, Beehive).
  • Final step: The Minister is available to attend the meeting or another Minister has been briefed to stand in for them.

Refer to the following pages for more information

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

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