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DPMC releases email correspondence relating to Henry Inquiry

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Friday, 2 August 2013
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9 August 2013


In the course of answering questions about the David Henry Inquiry it has been found that the published statement requires two amendments. In paragraph six, the date 21 May now reads 22 May. Time variations between the email backup server and the Inquiry’s email records mean the file was recalled within two hours, rather than one. The timeline has been updated to reflect these changes, and the 23 May date has been placed on the correct row.

2 August 2013

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) Chief Executive Andrew Kibblewhite today released all email correspondence between the David Henry Inquiry and Parliamentary Service and Ministerial Services.

"As Chief Executive of DPMC, I was one of the two commissioners of the Inquiry, along with GCSB Director Ian Fletcher and DPMC seconded a staff member to the Inquiry to provide administrative support," Mr Kibblewhite says.

"I made the decision to release this information today due to the public and media interest expressed over this communication this week."

"Having gone through the email correspondence, there's one particular inaccuracy that I wish to correct.

"On 23 May, the Inquiry administrator in an email states that Mr Henry had discussed an issue with Ministerial Services and Wayne Eagleson. This is incorrect – David Henry did not speak to Mr Eagleson. Mr Henry discussed issues with me and I had a conversation with Mr Eagleson about whether Mr Dunne's emails could be released."

"The documents released today also show that Parliamentary Service mistakenly sent the emails between Peter Dunne and Andrea Vance to the Inquiry on 22 May 2013.
Parliamentary Service recalled the email with the file within two hours of it being sent and the DPMC staff member assisting the Inquiry then deleted the email without opening the attachment.

"The attachment was in a file format that could not be opened on DPMC's system and I can confirm the attachment has been deleted from DPMC's server," Mr Kibblewhite says.

The email correspondence is available below.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

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