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CabNet: Uploading attachments to Cabinet papers

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Thursday, 29 April 2021
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This publication is part of the CabGuide.

Types of attachments

During the preparation and drafting of a Cabinet or Cabinet committee paper consideration should be given to whether or not attachments are required.

Attachments should be uploaded in PDF form, and could be one of the following:

  • appointments information (Organisation form and Candidate CV form, which should be combined into one document when uploaded into CabNet)
  • information that is presented separately to the main paper in an appendix or annex
  • discussion document for public release
  • a report
  • legislative instrument
  • Regulatory Impact Statement
  • graphical material that is separate from the main paper, such as maps, photographs, diagrams or charts.

For more information, read the guidance on Cabinet paper attachments, including when hard-copies need to be provided to the Cabinet Office.

Display of attachments in CabNet

CabNet allows for attachments to be uploaded at the time the paper is uploaded, or if necessary, at a later point after the paper has been uploaded. Only authorised CabNet users can perform the function of uploading an attachment.

In CabNet papers and any associated attachments are contained within the ‘submission preview’. Refer to this page for more information on navigating in CabNet.

CabNet will display the title of an attachment on screen. It is important that the title of an attachment is concise and meaningful in the context of the associated paper as CabNet users will use it to navigate to the attachment to view the content on screen.

For appointment papers, compile the Organisation form and all the Candidate CV form(s) in one attachment per organisation referred to in the paper. The Organisation Form is required for existing and new organisations. The title of the attachment document should include the name of the organisation, so that the document can be easily identified in CabNet, for example: “Veterans' Affairs Board: Organisation Form and CVs”

Document file size limit

Documents over 10MB cannot be uploaded into CabNet. This size limit avoids large files failing to display in the system. The limit also avoids large files affecting the overall operation of the system.

If an individual document intended for upload is over 5MB consider using the image-compressing functionality in Adobe. For further advice on reducing file sizes for individual documents contact IT support within your agency.


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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

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