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CabNet statistical reports

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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This publication is part of the CabGuide.

A range of data on actions undertaken in CabNet and on Cabinet and Cabinet committee submissions is available in CabNet as a series of reports which can be accessed by CabNet organisation administrators. 

The reports are designed to facilitate agency’s administration of user access and management of Cabinet and Cabinet committee submissions.

These reports are generated on a scheduled basis.

The reports are generated as .csv files which can be downloaded and opened in Microsoft Excel.

Agencies can compile and interrogate the data contained in the reports using Excel tools (such as pivot tables) to analyse data or identify patterns over time.

CabNet reports are not Cabinet material and therefore can be saved into agency document management systems.

Access to CabNet reports

CabNet organisation administrators are able to access CabNet reports.

Refer to this page for information on user accounts in CabNet.

Steps to access CabNet reports:
  1. confirm you're an authorised CabNet user with an account and a member of your organisation’s administration group
  2. log in to CabNet
  3. click on the “reports” icon under your user-login information in the navigation bar (top right section of the screen when logged into CabNet
  4. select the date range required - selectable reports will appear on screen as a result
  5. click on a selected report to download the file.

An audit record is created when a report is downloaded.

The CabNet reports that are generated for each CabNet user organisation are also produced and accessible by the system administrators (staff in the Cabinet Office and the Central Agencies Shared Services (CASS)).

Types of reports

Reports generated monthly

  • Cabinet submission lifecycle for 4 weeks ended [DD Month YYYY].
    • Records significant changes to a submission as it goes through the Cabinet and Cabinet committee decision-making process.
  • Active CabNet users for month ended [Month YYYY].
    • Identifies whether a user with an active account has accessed CabNet within the last 6 months, frequency of use, and information about downloads undertaken within the reporting period. This report will be will be produced for each organisation and contains data for that organisation’s users only.

Reports generated weekly

  • Cabinet submissions by portfolio for 7 days ended [DD Month YYYY].
    • Lists submissions by portfolio responsibility. All CabNet organisation administrators have access to the same report – it is not agency specific.
  • Cabinet submission create and read access for 7 days ended [DD Month YYYY].
    • Shows where read access to a submission has been given to a group or individual (consulted / informed / manage access). This report is complementary to the Cabinet submissions by portfolio report.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

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