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CabNet: Published Cabinet material

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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This publication is part of the CabGuide.

The Cabinet Office publishes Cabinet material on CabNet when the final version is to be made available to relevant users.

A user will be notified of documents that are published. Refer to the section on navigating CabNet to find out more about how to locate documents in CabNet.

A submission can also have the status of Published during the consideration flow. This status indicates that the Cabinet Office Summary (and the accompanying paper and attachments) have been published as a set and are ready for consideration at the nominated Cabinet or committee meeting.

Below is the generic process flow for a submission that is considered by a Cabinet committee or Cabinet. Within the process flow is a reference to the documents that are published by the Cabinet Office.

Generic submission states with sequence of published documents

  • Final draft – this status indicates that the paper has been submitted by an agency to the Minister, and is ready for Ministerial approval.
  • Lodged – indicates that the paper has been lodged following approval by a Minister, and is ready for the preparation of the Cabinet Office summary and consideration by the relevant Cabinet committee or Cabinet.
  • Published – indicates that the Cabinet Office summary has been prepared, and the paper and the Summary have been published.
  • Confirmed on committee/Cabinet agenda – indicates that the paper has been confirmed for consideration by a committee or Cabinet.
  • Considered by committee/Cabinet – indicates that a decision has been taken by a committee or Cabinet.
The process above is set out in diagram form in the Process flow and access for submissions.pdf [PDF 47 KB]. 

Cabinet business identifiers (“shoulder numbers”)

All documents related to a paper are located together in the Submission preview and are easy to navigate within CabNet. However if you need to refer to a historic document in a Cabinet paper you are preparing you will need to use the Cabinet business identifier, or “shoulder number”, to refer to the document.

The business identifiers, or “shoulder numbers”, that apply to all Cabinet material are located in the top right hand corner of documents. The format for the business identifier is:

CAB – 18 – SUB – 0034

Committee identifier – Year – Document type – Numerical identifier


  • SWC-18-SUB-0025 – this is the 25th item submitted to SWC in 2018
  • SWC-18-MIN-0025 – this is the minute relating to the 25th item submitted to SWC in 2018
  • LEG-18-AG-02/07 – this is the agenda for LEG on 2 July 2018
  • CAB-18-SUB-0041 – this is the 41st item submitted to Cabinet in 2018.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

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