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Access to previous papers and minutes

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Monday, 12 June 2017
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This publication is part of the CabGuide.

All Cabinet material that has been created after 3 August 2015 which is relevant to an individual user in their capacity of supporting a Minister or a Ministerial portfolio will be searchable and viewable in CabNet. Cabinet material that is classified above Sensitive or Restricted will only be referenced in CabNet, as the documents cannot be stored in CabNet.

Access to papers and minutes within CabNet will persist for the groups and individuals that have access at the time the paper was lodged and considered (as long as they are an authorised user and in the relevant access group). Papers that are withdrawn before or after consideration can also be accessed for reference.

Agencies should have hard-copy records of the Cabinet material they had access to prior to the creation of CabNet. As per the guidance provided in the page on the secure handling of Cabinet material, participating agencies should not maintain a separate repository of Cabinet material that was considered since CabNet went live in August 2015, or distribute material outside of CabNet.

If your agency requires a copy of Cabinet material created before CabNet went live in August 2015, then you should contact the relevant portfolio Minister's office.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

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