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Policy practitioners

Policy Analysts

Good policy advice depends on skilled policy practitioners with the right knowledge and tools to do the job. The Policy Project has developed useful and practical resources that policy practitioners can use to develop their policy skills and produce great policy analysis and advice. 

Resources for policy practitioners

The Policy skills framework sets out the knowledge, applied skills and behaviour required of policy professionals.

Map your policy skills profile helps you to assess your current skills and think about how you want to progress as a policy professional. It can help you with discussions on your performance and development or help you articulate your policy skills when applying for policy jobs.

The Policy quality framework describes the characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the enablers that make it possible. There is a range of tools to support you to deliver quality policy analysis and advice.

There are a range of tools to support policy quality, from guides (PDF 944 KB) to ex-post assessment of policy papers, quality panels and processes (PDF 691 KB), peer review checklists (PDF 335 KB), and communication tools.

Start Right is the Policy Project’s approach to ensuring policy quality from the outset. You can start with the guide (PDF 1.78 MB) and use the commissioning conversation prompts (PDF 436.74 KB) and the green light framework (PDF 269.04 KB) to help you get policy quality right from the start.

The Policy Methods

Read about sessions exploring methods that can be applied to policy processes.

Co-production (PDF 809 KB)

Public value (PDF 285 KB)

Design thinking (PDF 526 KB)

People-centred policy through behavioural insights, design thinking and better use of data (PDF 1.1 MB)

Conversations with policy practitioners

The Policy Project regularly hosts sessions with policy practitioners to share lessons and resources.

The Agency policy capability leads meet every two months to contribute to Policy Project work, discuss common challenges and share promising practices that could be spread across the policy community.

Policy leaders forum (PDF 7 MB)

The policy analyst forum (PDF 565 KB) was designed by analysts for analysts. It was an opportunity for early career analysts to share ideas on building skills, working collaboratively, and delivering quality advice. Policy leaders shared their own stories and ideas for improving policy practice.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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