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What people are saying about us

“Thank you for your intellectual leadership and perseverance in developing this guidance with the unanimous backing of the Public Service chief executives. Their support, along with that of the PSA who have publicly backed the guidance, is testament to the quality of your work.”

Peter Hughes on Free and Frank Advice & Policy Stewardship


"This was one of the best central agency processes I’ve been part of."

Participant of the Start Right co-design group


“The enhancements we are making to the oversight of our advice are based on the continuous quality improvement ideas of the Policy Project”

Chief Executive


“I really like the ways you’re continuing to deepen and expand the Policy Project. It’s incredibly exciting”

Professor Michael Mintrom


"The Policy Project is transformative. It's better than any effort anywhere else to ramp up the quality of policy work."

ANZSoG Academic Director


"The Skills Framework has been a great tool for those recommending people for promotion [and] a great tool as a panel member to score staff at the end of the process"

Senior Leader


"The materials on the Policy Project website are excellent."

Michael Mills, Martinjenkins


"Kia Kaha Sally! Congratulations on this fabulous work. Thanks for bringing me into your conversations. You've been changing how I think about policy too. I'm keen to talk about how you could contribute to our ANZSOG degree programme."

Professor Micahel Mintrom, ANZSOG
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Friday, 18 May 2018

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