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DPMC's role

The Chief Executive of DPMC is New Zealand's lead official for national security, and heads the national security architecture.

The Deputy Chief Executive National Security Group supports the Chief Executive by leading and coordinating the national security system in its practical application. They oversee the functioning of the system, advise on national security direction and ensure that policies, systems and capabilities are up to standard. They have a specific role leading and coordinating the New Zealand Intelligence Community.

The Director of National Security Systems ensures that the system architecture performs as intended; implements the decisions of the ODESC system builds specific capabilities; remains alert to current events requiring a national security response; activates the system when necessary; and ensures that experience is retained as knowledge within the system

DPMC chairs and provides the secretariat for the governance boards. DPMC also usually chairs and supports Watch Groups.

DPMC's mandated role is to:

  • scan for domestic and external risks;
  • assess domestic and external risks of national security significance;
  • coordinate policy advice and policy making to ensure that risks are managed appropriately;
  • coordinate government action to deal with national security risks. This can include coordinating across lead agencies when multiple events are occurring at the same time.
Last updated: 
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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