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Roles and responsibilities

The National Security Group provides leadership, advice, support and coordination of the Government’s national security risks and priorities.

The National Security Group is led by Deputy Chief Executive, National Security, Tony Lynch. The Deputy Chief Executive National Security supports the Chief Executive by overseeing the functioning of the National Security System and advising on national security direction.

The National Security Group comprises:

National Security System Directorate

The National Security System Directorate lead, coordinate and support our national security system activities that delivers a secure and resilient New Zealand.

National Assessments Bureau

The National Assessments Bureau provides independent and impartial assessments on events and developments relevant to New Zealand's national security and international relations. These assessments inform government decision making.

National Security Policy Directorate

The National Security Policy Directorate provides policy leadership on matters related to national security and intelligence. Our work supports the system through long-term planning, forward-looking examination of emerging trends and issues, and continuous learning and improvement processes.

National Intelligence and Risk Coordination

The National Intelligence and Risk Coordination team has a dual, interconnected function of leading the delivery of the National Security and Intelligence Priorities, and the National Risk Approach.

National Security Workforce Directorate

The National Security Workforce (NSW) team’s purpose is to enable a more cohesive and integrated security and intelligence sector. We take a whole-of-sector approach to building dynamic and resilient careers in national security.

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

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