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Roles and responsibilities

The National Security Group provides leadership, advice, support and coordination of the Government’s national security risks and priorities.

The National Security Group is led by Deputy Chief Executive, National Security, Tony Lynch. The Deputy Chief Executive National Security supports the Chief Executive by overseeing the functioning of the National Security System and advising on national security direction.

The National Security Group comprises:

National Security System Directorate

The National Security System Directorate lead, coordinate and support our national security system activities that delivers a secure and resilient New Zealand.

Intelligence and Assessments Directorate

A crucial part of any country's national security is its ability to make sense of the national security risk environment as it affects New Zealand’s interests.

The Intelligence and Assessments Directorate includes the National Assessments Bureau and the Intelligence Coordination Unit.

National Security Policy Directorate

The National Security Policy Directorate provides policy leadership on cross-cutting matters related to national security, intelligence, risk and resilience.

The National Security Policy Directorate includes the National Cyber Policy Office and the National Risk Unit.

National Security Workforce Directorate

The National Security Workforce Directorate leads a whole-of sector approach to building a dynamic and resilient career in national security.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

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