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National Risk Unit

Established in mid-2017, the National Risk Unit supports the identification, assessment, and governance of national security risk.

New Zealand takes an “all hazards, all risks” approach to national security, which includes a broad range of traditional and non-traditional security risks. For example, natural hazards, biosecurity events, pandemics, terrorism, and cyber security incidents.

Managing national risk is complex and requires the collective effort of a wide range of government departments and agencies, local government, private sector, and the public.

The National Risk Unit helps manage national risk by:

  • supporting government departments and agencies in the use of a national risk assessment methodology
  • helping to strengthen management arrangements for national risk
  • supporting the work of ODESC governance boards.

While the National Risk Unit provides an overview of National Security risk, the day-to-day responsibility of managing risk remains with individual government agencies.

Effective management and governance of national risk means New Zealand will be better prepared against a range of possible events.

The National Risk Unit is part of the National Security Group within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

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