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Seminar series: Dave Snowden - Cynefin framework, sense making, complexity theory and exaptation (06 March 2015)

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Dave Snowden's seminar with the Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network (and a few other avid followers of his work) explored decision making and management practice in policy, among other things. He discussed using the Cynefin framework for making sense of what’s going on, making decisions and taking action. Check out this link for an overview of the Cynefin framework.

Dave also discussed:

  • exaptation: punctuated changes in evolution
  • micronarratives and people being their own ethnographers
  • "small noticings" being amplified for maximal benefit and dampened if causing negative consequences
  • paying attention to statistical outliers as this is where danger and opportunity exist
  • fast, real-time feedback loops and the creation and use of human sensor networks
  • taking a non-hypothesis approach to research
  • peer-to-peer (ie horizontal) knowledge sharing without being filtered through a centre.

For more information watch Dave Snowden explain these concepts in this lecture or check out his blog on the Cognitive Edge website

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