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Policy by Design Symposium

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On 30 and 31 May Diane Owenga participated in the Policy by Design Symposium held by the Auckland Co-design Lab.

The symposium brought together an invited group of experienced commissioners, senior managers, expert practitioners, researchers, innovation workers and aligned professionals from across local and central government, academia and the private sector. The symposium put forward the proposition that “Design’ has the potential to make the policy process more accessible to the people most affected by it, to develop policy that is more responsive to their needs and experiences, and to create a stronger feedback loop between research, policy, implementation and their impacts on the ground.”

Over two days participants worked together to unpack and develop a response to that proposition. A carefully curated programme enabled an active, hands-on learning and sharing experience for all participants. Session types across the two days included expert presentations, ‘surgeries’ on key issues, unpacking case study examples, small group workshops, mapping key change practices, and hands-on exploration of established and emerging design tools.

To produce usable outputs that will take our collective practice forward, we identified the current state of ‘policy by design’ (opportunities and challenges), and what holds us back, the future state (where we want ‘policy by design’ to head to), and what we will do to get to the future state. A Wellington seminar will be held later this year to share the learnings from this symposium. 

Diane presented at the Bus Stop (mini workshop) session, where she spoke about applying the the Policy Capability Framework with the participants.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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