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Andrew Kibblewhite speaks policy ecosystem to IPANZ and VUW School of Government (23 February 2016)

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In this speech, hosted by IPANZ at Victoria University of Wellington’s new Auckland facility, Andrew Kibblewhite shared his views on what makes for quality policy advice (PDF 454 KB).

“good policy advice hits the sweet spot between what is desirable (what is going to meet citizens’ needs), what is feasible (what we are able to do using the tools government has at its disposal, including of course legislative change) and what is viable (financially sensible and sustainable).” Andrew outlined the work of the Policy Project to improve the quality of policy advice across government, including three frameworks to assist agencies in their policy improvement strategies. He emphasised the need for broad input into policy design saying “we should expect, embrace and invite involvement in policy development from citizens, community organisations, businesses, and the academic community”. He concluded by saying that if we “work together as part of a connected and coherent policy ecosystem, we will be closer to a powerful policy culture, characterised by innovation, continuous improvement and sharing good practice [and] we will be better placed to articulate, tackle and solve the big problems facing our country”.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

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