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Good advice is the foundation of good decision making.  Good advice helps decision makers decide what to do by being clear about the problem or opportunity, by setting out all the available evidence, and by presenting options that balance what is desirable, possible and cost-effective.  

Good advice is clear about what government wants to achieve and is savvy to the political context.  Good advice helps turn great ideas into real action to improve the lives of New Zealanders.

Policy Quality Framework

The Policy Quality Framework describes the key characteristics of quality policy advice, as well as the ‘enablers’ of great advice, like considering multiple perspectives, good commissioning, quality assurance processes and work planning.

It is one of three improvement frameworks co-designed for and by the policy community to help government agencies improve their policy quality and capability. All three frameworks have been endorsed for use by the Head of Policy Profession and the Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network.


Tools and applications

The framework is supported by a range of tools to assure and assess quality.

Communication tools - A3 Poster (PDF 556 KB) - A5 desk card (PDF 1.6 MB)

Join the Discussion

If you would like to discuss use of the frameworks or want to share an idea or an experience, get in contact.

Conversations we’ve had so far about developing and delivering quality advice.

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