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Great policy advice is the foundation of effective government decision making.  Improving the quality of policy advice across government requires a policy community that is committed to upping its game.

Head of the Policy Profession

Andrew Kibblewhite, Chief Executive of DPMC, is Head of the Policy Profession. As Head of Profession, Andrew is responsible for improving the policy system – that is, the capabilities, systems, processes and standards.  Read more about the Head of the Policy Profession.

The Policy Project

The Policy Project acts as a catalyst. We collaborate across the policy community to identify and shape good advice. We co-produce resources to help policy organisations and policy professionals improve and innovate. Read more about the Policy Project.

Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network

The Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network is a group of deputy chief executives with policy responsibilities, who are committed to system-wide improvement in policy capability, design and delivery. Members represent a wide variety of policy areas.  Read more about the Tier 2 Policy Leaders Network.

''Policy Capability Leads Network

The Policy Project hosts workshops with policy capability leads (people nominated by their agency to lead work to improve policy quality and capability). We discuss agency experiences using the Policy Project’s frameworks, seek input to new work and identify promising practices in agencies that others could ‘steal with pride’.

Read about our conversations here: Building Policy Capability (PDF 2.9 MB)

Lifting Together – the case for change

Policy advice is a service and, like all other services, we strive to improve what we deliver and how we deliver it.

There is room for improvement:

  • Policy quality varies within agencies and across government and until now there have been no common standards for what great policy advice looks like, what goes into it, and how to meet our current and future policy demands.
  • We miss opportunities to improve policy through shared learning and by up-scaling good practice. While there is no shortage of good ideas, these ideas often remain locked in their place of origin and we often ‘reinvent the wheel’.
  • We need to collectively build capability for the future by investing in the policy workforce and methods to keep policy responsive and relevant.

Milestone reports on the Policy Project

Previous government-wide policy improvement initiatives