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Challenge Five

Leaving residents and agencies confident in the future of greater Christchurch

Greater Christchurch is entering a new phase as it moves from recovery to regeneration. Central government's role has moved from leading and coordinating, to supporting local institutions to get back into the “driving seat” of regeneration.

Goal 11 System Leadership – Support and influence across government to deliver system wide leadership

What we intend to achieve

We aim to provide system leadership so that government supports local leaders and institutions to undertake their regeneration roles effectively.

What we will do

We will maintain strong relationships with our strategic partners, central government agencies, Ōtākaro Limited and Regenerate Christchurch, supporting and influencing them to collaborate effectively.

We will also participate in a number of fora and governance groups, including the Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee, Chief Executives Advisory Group, the City Executives Forum, the Psychosocial Governance Group, the Canterbury Government Leaders Group, and the Horizontal Infrastructure Governance Group.

Our objective is to ensure that the Crown remains connected with the regeneration effort and supports local leaders to take regeneration forward.

How will we measure our progress

To ensure that critical regeneration issues continue to be prioritised, we will undertake regular stakeholder engagement and identify where we can provide support.

We will also monitor the experiences of our key stakeholders, through surveys, tracking how well we are undertaking our role.

Goal 12 Shape the Transition – Support and shape the transition into long term arrangements for greater Christchurch

What we intend to achieve

Our priority is to support the transition of regeneration leadership back to the local level. Central government also remains a partner in regeneration – our role is to make sure that the Crown’s views and interests are appropriately represented.

What we will do

To achieve this we will support the newly established entities (Ōtākaro Limited and Regenerate Christchurch), as well as government agencies that inherited some of CERA’s recovery functions, to ensure that they are functioning effectively and successfully delivering on approved work programmes.

We will advise Ministers on the progress of regeneration outcomes, as well as the performance of entities responsible for delivering regeneration functions.

The Crown's interests will be represented in related local planning and review processes. These will help shape the planning frameworks that best support the long term arrangements for greater Christchurch.

We will support entities with a statutory role in regeneration planning processes, and advise the Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration in exercising statutory roles under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act.

How will we measure our progress

We will monitor Ōtākaro Limited and Regenerate Christchurch’s progress in achieving regeneration outcomes, and the performance of Regenerate Christchurch against the purpose and objectives agreed upon within its Statement of Intent.

Regeneration outcomes will be monitored through a now-established monitoring and reporting framework. Issues will be included in reporting and advice provided to Ministers.

The effectiveness of the support we are providing to local leadership will be measured through stakeholder surveys.

Goal 13 Maintain momentum – Ensure recovery continues without loss of momentum

What we intend to achieve

There is a critical need to ensure that recovery and regeneration momentum is maintained following the disestablishment of CERA.

What we will do

We have ongoing responsibility for the delivery of some short-term recovery work relating to the repair of the city's horizontal infrastructure, and representing the interests of the Crown on the Christchurch Replacement District Plan review.

We will oversee the horizontal infrastructure programme, in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) and the Christchurch City Council. We expect this work to be completed in 2017.

In the medium-term we will support the transition of responsibility from the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) Alliance to the Christchurch City Council, including transferring information and systems, and managing the close out of the SCIRT Alliance and the wider programme.

How will we measure our progress

The delivery aspects of this goal will be tracked against the milestones in the relevant programme plans.

Goal 14 Lessons and Insights – Learning and insights are collated, embedded and put into action so New Zealand is more resilient

What we intend to achieve

The Christchurch earthquakes represented an unprecedented challenge for New Zealand's risk management and response agencies, and exposed potential weaknesses in how we prepare for and manage shocks and stressors, including natural disasters. To ensure that gaps are addressed and systems strengthened, we are working across our agency partners to ensure learning and insights from the earthquakes and rebuild are properly documented, embedded, and put into action.

This will ensure that agencies, organisations, and individuals are better prepared to respond to future shocks - building New Zealand's resilience and capacity to respond to disasters.

What we will do

We are currently undertaking a whole of government initiative to support relevant agencies to undertake projects related to learnings from the Christchurch regeneration.

We have launched a public-facing “EQ Recovery Learning” website that brings together the knowledge, insights, case studies, and real-life stories garnered from those involved directly in the Canterbury earthquakes.

How will we measure our progress

Engagement with the EQ Recovery Learning website will be tracked by monitoring use levels through a web analytics service.

We will also be tracking the number of agencies who undertake and complete a learning project.

Our initiatives portfolio
ProjectLinking ChallengeHigh-level ObjectiveLead
Cabinet Manual Review & Update 2 Update Cabinet Manual to reflect changes in legislation and practice since last update. CO
Demise of the Crown 2 Prepare for and lead the transition to new sovereign when required. CO
Government House Long-term Maintenance Plan 3 Prepare and implement a plan to maintain the physical fabric of Government House (Wellington) and Government House (Auckland). GH
Public Alerting System 4 To deploy a national public alerting system, providing agencies with an effective mechanism to warn at-risk communities of threats. MD
Recovery Review 4 Support the passage and implementation of a CDEM Amendment Bill to strengthen the legislative framework for recovery. MD
Public Education Programme 4 Implementation of the new CDEM public education programme launched in July 2016. MD
EMIS (Emergency Management Information System) 4 Investigating a platform upgrade for EMIS, including a potential redesign, inputting dashboards, and integration with RealMe. MD
National Warning System 4 Moving the National Warning System to a more modern, more functional and more robust platform. MD
Cyber Security Action Plan 4 Annual evaluation of progress and consideration of new actions to ensure the Action Plan addresses emerging threats and evolving technology. SIG
CERT Establishment 4 To improve New Zealand's response to cyber security incidents. SIG
Cyber Credentials 4 To help improve the cyber security of small businesses. SIG
Cyber Skills Taskforce 4 To build up a cyber security professional workforce. SIG
Addressing Cybercrime 4 To improve New Zealand's ability to prevent, investigate and respond to cybercrime. SIG
Security & Intelligence Bill 4 Support the passage and implementation of a Security and Intelligence Bill to respond to the recommendations of the 2015 Independent Review of Intelligence and Security. SIG
Horizontal Infrastructure 5 To deliver the repair and rebuild of greater Christchurch's three-water and roading horizontal infrastructure to enable recovery outcomes. GCG
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Learning and Legacy 5 Support the development of lessons and legacies regarding government role and responsibilities in recovery and a “whole of recovery” story GCG
Policy Project - Phase 2 1 Maturing the Head of the Policy Profession (HoPP) role, and implementing the policy frameworks established in Phase 1. PP