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Challenge Three

New Zealanders understand and celebrate the institutions and processes that contribute to a strong, shared, sense of national identity

New Zealanders sharing a sense of political community and national identity increases social cohesion and enhances wellbeing, and strengthening this is an important long term goal for the Department.

Goal 6 Understanding – Increasing numbers of New Zealanders have a better understanding of New Zealand’s system of government, including the office and role of the Governor-General and Prime Minister

What we intend to achieve

Our goal is more New Zealanders understanding our system of government, including the constitutional, ceremonial, international and community functions of the office of the Governor-General.

What we will do

In addition to continuing to provide advice and support to the Prime Minister, we will support a programme for the Governor-General to communicate information about the office and role and contribute to a series of national commemorations and other events and projects.

Our role will be underpinned by an effective media strategy, which capitalises on major events to further boost the profile of the Governor-General. Government House will facilitate visits and maintain the Government Houses in Wellington and Auckland, so the public continues to view them as heritage sites.

The Cabinet Office will continue to engage and support other agencies working in the nationhood space, and Government House will work with organisations who have relationships with the Governor-General (e.g., patronages) to promote the role to their membership.

How will we measure our progress

Public understanding of the offices and roles of the Governor-General and Prime Minister will be measured through Statistics New Zealand's General Social Survey. We will also track measures of public engagement - the Governor-General's social media statistics, and visitor numbers to Government House.

Goal 7 Acknowledging and celebrating honours – New Zealanders acknowledge and celebrate the service, achievement and diversity of recipients of Royal honours

What we intend to achieve

The New Zealand Royal Honours System provides a way to recognise people who have served their communities and acknowledge their achievements.

As New Zealand becomes more diverse the honours system should operate in a way that reflects this, with a nominations process accessible to diverse communities.

What we will do

We will continue to work with the Minister for Women and other relevant Ministers, and identify ways to strengthen our connections with Māori, Pacific peoples, and people from ethnic communities to improve the number and diversity of nominations.

Increasing public acknowledgement and celebration of the honours system requires us to better understand what drives engagement by strengthening how we measure national and regional coverage.

How will we measure our progress

We will monitor trends in the diversity of nominees over time. This will require us to identify options for improving how we track this information, as the data we currently collect is incomplete.

Public acknowledgment and celebration will be measured through use of media monitoring, looking at the number of articles covering announcement of the list in national and regional papers, and tracking of distribution of coverage.

Public Engagement with the Office of Governor-General